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Veritable Screening / Why Veritable Screening?

Why Veritable Screening?

Better Service:

The Client Experience First, Always is the first of our Core Values.  We are passionate that our service is world-class.  This means:

  • Dedicated Account Teams: Reach a member of your dedicated account team familiar with you and your account. No 800 numbers to large call centers.
  • Focus on Turnaround Times:  We realize that time is of the essence, so getting the job done right and done quickly is central to our philosophy.
  • Total Ownership: Your problems are our problems and we take full ownership to resolve any issues that may arise.  No shortcuts or cutting corners.

Better Technology:

Our state-of-the-art technology takes paper out of the equation (unless you want it there) and streamlines workflows.  Reduced paper equals reduced labor and costs!  Our platform features include:

  • Candidate Data Entry:  Send emails to your candidates and have them enter their data via a secure link.  Save time and avoid typos due to illegible handwriting or data entry errors.
  • ATS Integrations: We have integrations with many of the leading applicant tracking systems.  See our current list click here.
  • Customization & Flexibility: We realize everyone’s workflow is different.  Our system is designed to work with your existing process.
  • Security:  Data redundancy and security through mirrored sites and state-of-the-art encryption and controls.

Better Compliance:

We are fanatical about making sure we and our clients follow the FCRA and other federal, state, and municipal laws.  We employ many of the industry’s best practices and will not offshore your data to large call centers in other countries.  Core to our compliance process are:

  • Integrity:  We always focus on doing the right thing.
  • Accuracy: We never rely solely on database searches and take the proper steps to maximize the accuracy of information.
  • Client Education: Your compliance, is our compliance.  We work with our clients to make sure they understand and are current on applicable rules and regulations.
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